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Kids these days...

The following is an excerpt from Dr. David Thrope:

"Jesus Christ, kids these days are such amazingly stupid little pieces of trash. It used to be that dressing up like a weirdo hipster entailed some kind of risk: you’d get called a queer at school, you’d get laughed at at the mall, and your dad would tell you to get a haircut and wipe that makeup off your face (whether you were a boy or a girl). Nowadays, hipsterism is the new normalcy, and these little sons of bitches are dressing up like ugly little bastardizations of styles worn by daring morons ten and twenty years ago. It used to warm my heart a little to walk down the street and see a really flamboyant goth or a really nutso punk, because that took a little bit of panache. So what if they looked like idiots: they were willing to face the fact that they looked like idiots with their heads held high and a “fuck you” attitude. Sure, we’d all laugh at them, but at least we could respect the fact that it took a modicum of misguided guts to earn our laughter. I’m not even complaining about shit like Hot Topic that co-opts, repackages, and shits out obsolete rebellion. The Hot Topic era is over. Now you can get co-opted, repackaged rebellion at J.C. goddamn Penney.

It was okay to see a stupid-looking goth around town once in a while. Now I see stupid-looking pseudo-emo-goth-hipster-cheerleader-hick pieces of shit left and right. The same kind of uncreative sludge that would have been listening to The Goo Goo Dolls a decade ago has decided to grab the arty-looking-kid baton, once the property of misfits, outcasts, and creative individuals, and just fucking run with it. "

We can probably find examples within minutes on myspace, perhaps in the vast abyss of icons that come up in "View All My Friends". These newjacks must be ridiculed for not only liking really awful music, but for affixing themselves to a scene that was cool back in 2002-2003. They're the 15 year old guys that talk shit in their quasi-prepubescent voice, only doing so because mom's minivan will soon arrive for a quick getaway. Days before, they traded in their Abercrombie preworn tee and white K-Swiss for a Saves the day shirt, women's jeans, and diesel shoes. I don't think music has ever been so attached to this "look" which idiots propagate.

Newjacks: Go back in your closet, and put on those preppy clothes. Stay within the areas you're safe at: Shopping malls, fast food parking lots, highschool, Oneighty(R), keggers with fellow preps, etc. Don't you dare to form some musical perversion with other newjacks. I don't want to even know of any other third rate shithead (would've been popular with about 60 kids three years ago) type band.

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