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March on, über-Soldat!

...sufficient for invading France!

Pictured above is a small brigade of men collectively found at a local Starbucks; sipping lattes, perusing myspace via wi-fi connection, and brightly radiating total faggotry altogether. Of course, Starbucks was quietly infiltrated, and trace amounts of Stoli were mixed in with the $4 Chai cockloate Colombian Peruvian who-fucking-cares. Not delving into the fact that $4 is far to much to pay for a drink devoid of alcohol, these men eventually opened up their ears and hearts to the nihilistic Bolshevism of SFOJ®.

Intoxicated beyond bounds, the men were shipped off to the SFOJ® Über-Soldat© death camp, where they are being trained as suicide soldiers in a war against the global state of stupidity. To complete their ostracization from the outside world, we forged a slew of rude comments and message to each's respective myspace page. Feeling suicidal inclinations, we gave them new names, new haircuts, and a bright red outlook on the world.

Their first mission is to exterminate this man:
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