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Six Flags Over Jesus

The Communist Takeover

Six Flags Over Jesus!
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No place for Jesus in our world.

Our gentle Rasputin!

Welcome to project: Six Flags Over Jesus. We are the nihilistic Bolsheviks of the 21st century; here to dispell and disarray common myths of the modern American government and religious systems. Our agenda is planned as follows:

1.We will take over a small quazi-Christian® forum known locally as "Oneighty®".
2.With the Christians® held captive; we will 'enlighten' their minds and stomachs with our Leninist rheotirc and Stolichnaya vodka. Deprived of their MSG-laden church provided "snacks" and carbonated syrup-water, we believe they will quickly buckle under the stress, and succumb to our will.
3.We will achieve racial harmony by not enslaving our colored brothers; but by keeping them on a strict round the clock work agenda, and providing them with a feastful supply of cocaine, opium, and marijuana to keep their minds and souls at ease. A ethnically accurate diet of fried foods and malt liquor will also be offered; to achieve a symbiotic balance of brute force and intelligence; for the colored and whites respectfully.
4.Once conditioned, the new milita will take out their teen angst not in the "pit" at some show, but lashing out against our enemies: The rest of the world. With our carefully maintained balance of temptation and torture, we are sure to succeed in our vague vision of Utopia.

Hitler tried to do such a thing; but subsequently killed himself when he recived the year end's gas bill. Also; his haphazard ethnocentric views did not go over well. With racial harmony and a religious crusade to demean the devout and pious, success will be inescapable. We will also begin a expeditious elimation of retards. Again, not by extermination, but by small tweaks of natural selection. Ex: Having them cook eachother since we will deprive them of liquified "space food".

Sorry, friend. =(

If you like Norma Jean and enjoy doing Tae Kwon Do moves to impress people, you are on our shit list. You are more welcome here.

Written by Ross. strangeraeons

Founders: Ross strangeraeons and Sierra thebombsitegirl

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Merry Christmas(TM!