Ross (strangeraeons) wrote in 6flagsoverjesus,

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Where's your fucking blood?

Bump, shitheads.

This motherfucking community needs to get back together. We've been broken by society and personal problems! Rally round the flags, boys and girls.

How do you make a toddler cry twice? Put your bloody cock on his teddy bear.

I think we should all do an offensive pic campaign. I'll start by posting a picture that I think takes the cake for being truly disgusting. If anyone's out there...try and trump me. Friendly competition, and we can laugh at the misfortune of others. Oh, the humanity.

Good night, and good luck.
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you type way too well when you are drunk.
Haha, because I type it very slowly!
wow. i'm just reading your post, and you do sound like someone fucked you in the brain. maybe that's where the cock went, and not in the toddler's teddy bear.