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Axis of evil? SFOJ could not be closer!

For weeks now, I have toiled endlessly to bring you the mathematics of the "axis of evil" that has been touted by US Presidolt Bush and his cronies. I am pleased to announce that I have found the axis, and have graphed it for easy interpretation:

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SFOJ must somehow align itself with this axis, in order to be taken seriously as a lethal terrorist organization. We must meet the modern asthetics of evil; for instance, I am growing a beard somewhat akin to either a Muslim extremist, or a Latin American insurgent. I would strongly suggest that all loyal SFOJ men grow such beards, and that all our lovely SFOJ ladies gown themselves in middle eastern attire. This archetype seems to be the bullet that brings the freightened subconsciousness of America to their neo-conservative knees. One by one we will attack Americans at the heart of their pseudo-capitalist establishment. We will loiter at shopping malls and grocery stores, giving the townsfolk piercing stares and sounds of disgust. Soon they will be confined to their suburban homes by the fear we shall instill.

We will be more feared than the Canadians, who are drunk and harmless. We will be more feared than the Latino population, who are endlessly divided along country lines, not realizing that nobody cares what weak and politically unstable country their lineage hails from. We will be more feared than the blacks, who perpetuate a culture which falls far to short of anything astute enough to be evil, just violent and intellectually pointless. We will be more feared than the Jews, who really don't instill fear at all, they just bitch and moan on all those media conglomerates that they own. America fears the middle east, America fears the AXIS OF EVIL, and we must show them that we are the AXIS.
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