forrester83 (forrester83) wrote in 6flagsoverjesus,

"I hear its like the ring"

(23:00:19) Sean Gregory: i have the ultimate link
(23:00:22) trunks2000 24: ok
(23:00:24) Sean Gregory: i hear its like the ring
(23:00:28) trunks2000 24: haha
(23:00:31) Sean Gregory: except you wont die or anything
(23:00:37) Sean Gregory: its just really horrible
(23:00:41) trunks2000 24: biggie small,s biggie smalls, biggie smalls?
(23:00:44) Sean Gregory: but i cant bring myself to watch it
(23:00:51) trunks2000 24: ok give me da link
(23:01:16) Sean Gregory:
(23:01:22) trunks2000 24: if its furry people fucking, i will drive to urbana and bitch slap you
(23:01:22) Sean Gregory: GODSPEED MY GOOD FRIEND
(23:01:28) Sean Gregory: post a trip report
(23:01:30) Sean Gregory: its not
(23:01:34) Sean Gregory: trust me
(23:01:39) trunks2000 24: trip report?
(23:01:44) Sean Gregory: yeah
(23:01:49) Sean Gregory: let me know how it went
(23:01:57) trunks2000 24: haha whaaat
(23:02:09) trunks2000 24: hmm german
(23:02:13) trunks2000 24: off to a strange start
(23:02:16) Sean Gregory: oh
(23:02:21) Sean Gregory: i didn't realize
(23:02:58) trunks2000 24: oh no!
(23:03:02) trunks2000 24: OMG
(23:03:12) Sean Gregory: YOU CAN DO IT
(23:03:13) Sean Gregory: MAN
(23:03:15) trunks2000 24: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhHH
(23:03:17) Sean Gregory: YOURE GONNA BE A COP
(23:03:20) trunks2000 24: HAHAHA
(23:03:25) Sean Gregory: YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS
(23:03:29) Sean Gregory: KEEP WATCHING IT
(23:03:36) trunks2000 24: yeah but id rather watch the aftermath
(23:03:40) trunks2000 24: not him really doing this
(23:03:47) Sean Gregory: youll prolly see that do
(23:04:14) trunks2000 24: im trying to get on the homicide division for my internship
(23:05:00) Sean Gregory: well this will prove your fucking worth
(23:05:07) Sean Gregory: how long is it?
(23:05:09) Sean Gregory: did you watch it all?
(23:05:41) trunks2000 24: haha hes zooming in on his wans hole
(23:05:48) trunks2000 24: ok now hes hatcheting his balls
(23:06:00) Sean Gregory: lol
(23:06:24) trunks2000 24: yayyy his penis is gone
(23:06:40) Sean Gregory: omfg
(23:06:59) trunks2000 24: he couldnt oh there it is
(23:07:03) Sean Gregory: alright
(23:07:05) trunks2000 24: ball sack is way messy
(23:07:16) Sean Gregory: patrons want to know if there is blood?
(23:07:32) trunks2000 24: not as much as youd think
(23:08:14) trunks2000 24: looks like campbells tomato paste
(23:08:23) trunks2000 24: haha the ending is funny
(23:08:27) Sean Gregory: wtf
(23:08:42) Sean Gregory: what happens??
(23:08:45) Sean Gregory: is it over?
(23:08:56) trunks2000 24: he puts his thumb into the hole where his dick was, then goes in and pusheds his severed balls out the ball sack area
(23:09:18) trunks2000 24: man he didnt thnk this thorugh, its gonna hurt when he pees
(23:09:45) Sean Gregory: david you are a fucking champion
(23:09:47) trunks2000 24: HAHA the comments are funny
(23:10:00) trunks2000 24: someone put the rolls eyes smiley face
(23:10:10) Sean Gregory: lol
(23:10:12) trunks2000 24: someone put "gay". as their response
(23:10:12) Sean Gregory: wtf
(23:10:18) Sean Gregory: HAHA
(23:10:32) trunks2000 24: " So fucking obvious fake it’s just embarressing…"
(23:10:43) Sean Gregory: what?
(23:10:48) trunks2000 24: these are the comments
(23:10:52) trunks2000 24: "WHAT THE FUCK!!! WHAT TOTAL FAGGOTS!!!!!!!!!"
(23:10:53) Sean Gregory: i know
(23:10:57) Sean Gregory: but did it look fake?
(23:11:10) Sean Gregory: lol
(23:11:11) trunks2000 24: no
(23:11:18) trunks2000 24: it looks painful and totally real
(23:11:24) Sean Gregory: i mean they cut off their shit it deserves a little respect
(23:11:30) trunks2000 24: well yeah, man
(23:11:33) Sean Gregory: i mean just for having the fucking nerve
(23:11:41) trunks2000 24: i mean its not my package so more power to em
(23:11:52) Sean Gregory: yeah well
(23:11:59) Sean Gregory: i still cant bring myself to watch it
(23:12:20) Sean Gregory: oh yeah basement jaxx is my new favorite band btw
(23:12:32) trunks2000 24: i saw one once where a guy cut into his peepee, and seperated his urethra from his semen hose
(23:12:41) trunks2000 24: and wacked off through a hole in his dick
(23:12:48) Sean Gregory: WHAT?
(23:12:49) trunks2000 24: yeah they are awesome
(23:12:59) trunks2000 24: i have other friends who send me weird shit too
(23:13:10) trunks2000 24: i never look it up myself yet somehow i always see weird shit
(23:13:23) trunks2000 24: you wanna see death videos? go to
(23:13:40) Sean Gregory: no
(23:13:46) Sean Gregory: i don't wanna see shit right now
(23:13:52) Sean Gregory: im fucking afraid
(23:13:56) trunks2000 24: i saw a really funny one of a obese man talking to himself as he fucked a foldable chair
(23:14:05) Sean Gregory: lol
(23:14:07) trunks2000 24: haha
(23:14:14) Sean Gregory: was this the worst?
(23:14:17) trunks2000 24: nah
(23:14:34) Sean Gregory: WHAT
(23:14:35) trunks2000 24: well i do get some sympathy pain for em at first but after i calm down im ok to wathc it
(23:14:37) Sean Gregory: WHAT
(23:14:48) Sean Gregory: whats the worst video?
(23:14:50) trunks2000 24: hmm
(23:15:07) trunks2000 24: i saw a man cut his own eye out
(23:15:19) Sean Gregory: is that the worst?
(23:15:23) Sean Gregory: is it online?
(23:15:23) trunks2000 24: im not sure
(23:15:26) trunks2000 24: theryre on par
(23:15:33) trunks2000 24: yeah but i dont have a link
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